BALANCOM百炼工具保时捷997正时工具曲轴凸轮轴定位 正时新款正时工具T1203

BALANCOM百炼工具保时捷997正时工具曲轴凸轮轴定位 正时新款正时工具T1203


Item Description

This tool is designed to adjust the timings for the camshafts.
Used to R & R crankshaft pulley bolt.
(A) 9685: Alignment Fixture
Alignment Fixture Locks camshaft at TopDead-Center so that the cams can be accurately aligned.
(B) 9686: Camshaft Alignment Gauge
The fixtures necessary to set camshaft timing on Porsche Cayennes utilizing the M97/01 V8 engines.
(C) 9595/1: Two timing pins to lock engine at TDC
This tooling is necessary to establish TDC timing any time the cam timing is disturbed for servicing of the cams, cylinder-head, timing chain or variable valve-timing cam phasers.
Comprehensive tool kit to allow proper camshaft timing on the Porsche 997 series.

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