BALANCOM百炼工具 机械式空转扭力螺丝刀 扭力起子5-60cNm力矩螺丝刀 力矩起子0.05-0.6NM

BALANCOM百炼工具 机械式空转扭力螺丝刀 扭力起子5-60cNm力矩螺丝刀 力矩起子0.05-0.6NM

  • Tolerance of torque ±6%.
  • 6.3mm (1/4″) and 4mm (5/32″) Hex drive for bit.
  • Easy-to-read laser scale.
  • Slipping clutch mechanism.
  • Torque setting by twisting the golden adjustment ring.
  • Lock knob holds selected torque value in place.
  • Aluminum alloy body with light weight benefit.
  • Applied to both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.
  • Idea for production line use & especially for small torque demand.
  • Quality meets DIN ISO 6789 & ASME B107.300-2010.


01 Head:6.3mm(1/4″) and 4mm(5/32″) Hex drive for bit.

02 Reliable mechanism:Turn the golden adjustment ring to unlock for torque setting then switch to lock.Automatic slip design when the desire torque setting is achieved, the cam mechanism automatically slips to prevent over-tightening.

03 Aluminum alloy body: Aluminum material brings the light weight benefit.

04 Laser scales:Easy read laser scales is flexible for multi units to suit for different market need.

05 End cap:Standard or customized color is available.


Specifications: Metric
TT NO. Hex. cNm Graduation L(mm) g case/CTN
B6406 4mm 5~60 0.5 100 105 72
B6506 6.35mm 5~60 0.5 100 105 72
Specifications: SAE
TT NO. Hex. in-lb Graduation L(mm) g case/CTN
B6406-1 4mm 0.5~6 0.05 100 105 72
B6506-1 6.35mm 0.5~6 0.05 100 105 72


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